Products (Filling adapter - Abbvie Sevorane QuikFil™ bottles)


Technical Specifications
Anaesthetic Agent Sevoflurane
Threading to Bottle QuikFilTM
Adaptor Fitting Unique connector to fit the AnaConDa syringe

Reusable Abbvie QuickFil® Adapter

Ref: 26042

Product Description

The filling adapter – Abbvie Sevorane QuikFil bottles is required to transfer volatile agent from the bottle to the AnaConDa syringe. This adaptor will only fit the Abbvie QuikFil Sevorane bottle. The adapter contains a valve that opens when the syringe is attached and closes when the syringe is unscrewed.

  • Reference Number: 26042
  • Use: Reusable product (Leave on the bottle between usage)
  • Device Classification: Class I
  • Shelf Life: 5 Years
  • Disposal: Normal hospital waste
  • Packaging unit: 1 unit contains 1 QuikFil adapter

To be used in conjunction with AnaConDa syringe.
Ref. 26022

Please refer to “Instructions for Use” for more information.