Products (Single-use filling adapter)

Intended Use

The single-use filling adapter is intended for the extraction of isoflurane or sevoflurane from standard glass bottles to an AnaConDa syringe. With the single-use filling adapter the administration will be easier, without the need for disinfection or other actions to ensure a safe and hygienic setting.

Single-Use Standard Iso/Sevo Adapter

Ref: 26048

Product Description

The single-use filling adapter is designed to fit standard threaded isoflurane and sevoflurane glass bottles (per ISO 5360).

Once attached to the bottle, the adapter cannot be removed. It can be used for multiple fillings and should be disposed of together with the empty bottle. The adapter can be used for up to two weeks after being connected to the anaesthetic bottle.

The adapter is designed to only fit the AnaConDa syringe and cannot, for safety reasons, be connected to a standard luer lock.

  • Reference Number: 26048
  • Can be used for up to 2 weeks after connected to an anaesthetic bottle
  • Disposable with normal hospital waste
  • Packaging unit: 1 unit contains 12 single use filling adapters

To be used in conjunction with AnaConDa syringe Ref. 26022.

Please refer to “Instructions for Use” for more information.