Products (Gas analyzer)

Field Safety Notice

The Legal Manufacturer of the Multigas Analyzer AMG-06, Treaton, has after one
single complaint found a possible instability in the AMG-06 measurement algorithms.

Please see the  Field Safety Notice (FSN) issued by the Quality Department at Treaton.

If you notice any instability according to the FSN please contact
Sedana Medical Customer Service Centre for further guidance.

Multigas Analyzer

Ref: 943129

Product Description

Multigas Analyzer AMG-06 is intended for continuous non-invasive side stream monitoring of CO2 & anaesthetics concentration in inspired and expired gases.

The device also determines RSP, apnea, MAC index and measures atmospheric pressure in operating rooms and wards when providing anaesthetic support.

  • Reference Number: 943129
  • Use: anaesthesiology, intensive care during post- operative period, prolonged sedation, resuscitation.
  • Patient groups: adults, children from 3-year-old.
  • Measured gases: isoflurane, sevoflurane, desflurane, CO2.
  • Device Classification: Class IIa
  • Packaging unit: 1

Please refer to “Instructions for Use” for more information.