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Sedana Medical is a global medical technology company, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.
The company has developed and sells the medical device AnaConDa for the administration of
inhaled anaesthetics to invasively ventilated patients. The company is working to obtain
market approval in Europe for inhaled sedation in intensive care with a pharmaceutical
candidate (isoflurane) delivered by the AnaConDa. For more information, please visit our
homepage www.sedanamedical.com


The AnaConDa

A simple and efficient device

AnaConDa is a small medical device which is inserted in the breathing circuit between the ET tube and the Y-piece. The AnaConDa incorporates a miniature evaporator and a reflector which makes it possible to deliver isoflurane and sevoflurane in a simple and efficient way. Thanks to an effective carbon filter in the AnaConDa, more than 90% of the exhaled anaesthetic is adsorbed during expiration and reflected back to the patient during inspiration, reducing the drug consumption.

Inhaled anaesthetics for
critically ill patients

The pharmacological properties of inhaled anaesthetics make them an attractive alternative to intravenous drugs. With their pharmacokinetic profile inhaled anaesthetics offer rapid onset as well as rapid drug elimination. Pulmonary therapeutic effects when using inhaled anaesthetics are potential additional benefits.

Inhaled anaesthetics and AnaConDa

Sedana Medical have broadcasted four webinars between May and June 2020.
Watch the webinars and learn more about inhaled anaesthetics for critically ill patients.

AnaConDa E-learning

A tool for users to become familiar with the AnaConDa.
It allows you to learn about the practical aspects of using the
AnaConDa and the drugs that it delivers.
Access the AnaConDa E-learning

AnaConDa User Guide

Get guidance on how to set up
and use the AnaConDa.
Access the AnaConDa User Guide

For more information about the AnaConDa, please contact Sedana Medical at
medinfo@sedanamedical.com or visit our homepage www.sedanamedical.com