Products (FlurAbsorb-S)

Intended Use

FlurAbsorb-S is a filter containing activated carbon for the removal of waste anaesthetic gases (isoflurane and sevoflurane). It is used together with the FlurAbsorb accessory kit and FlurAbsorb-S mount.

The FlurAbsorb-S has been developed to further simplify the use of the AnaConDa with similar exchange intervals for both devices.


For simplified administration

Ref: 26094

Product Description

The FlurAbsorb-S is comprised of a plastic container with a series of holes placed in the bottom to allow airflow through the device. Various filters are placed throughout the device to contain the activated carbon.

The inlet on top of the FlurAbsorb is connected with the exhaust of the ventilator using the flex tube and adapters from the FlurAbsorb accessory kit. The materials used in the FlurAbsorb-S and the FlurAbsorb accessory kit are compatible with volatile anaesthetics.

The FlurAbsorb-S is for single patient use and should be changed every 24 hours (same as the AnaConDa) or after a maximum of 150 ml volatile anaesthetic.

  • Device Classification: Class 1
  • Flow resistance (@ 20 l/min): 40 Pa/0.30 mmHg/0.4 mBar
  • Exchange intervals: Every 24 hours (or a maximum of 150 ml volatile anaesthetic)
  • Disposal: According to hospital protocols
  • Reference Number: 26094
  • Packaging unit: 1 unit contains 12 FlurAbsorb-S

Please refer to “Instructions for Use” for more information.