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The AnaConDa® (Anaesthetic Conserving Device) is an anaesthetic delivery system, developed for the administration of isoflurane and sevoflurane to mechanically ventilated patients.

The AnaConDa is a small device that is inserted between the ET-Tube and the Y-piece, in the ventilator circuit. The simple design of the AnaConDa, incorporates a unique high capacity miniature vaporizer, along with a high efficiency conserving medium. Essentially, the AnaConDa makes the CO2 absorber, and one way valves, normally included in an Anaesthesia machine, unnecessary. The AnaConDa makes it possible to deliver anaesthetic agents in an easy and safe way with a standard ventilator.

The AnaConDa is intended for single use only and needs to be replaced every 24 hours.

Administration of isoflurane and sevoflurane using AnaConDa should only be done in a setting fully equipped for the monitoring and support of respiratory and cardiovascular function and by persons specifically trained in the use of inhalational anaesthetic drugs.




Clinical set-up

AnaConDa is easy to use. A syringe pump, a gas monitor and a standard ventilator are needed. To fill the AnaConDa Syringe special adaptors with valves are available. We recommend connecting the gas monitor exhaust and ventilator exhaust to a scavenging system although approximately 90% of the agent delivered will be recycled.



Cross section of the AnaConDa



Start of expiration

At the start of expiration the air way contains air/oxygen, CO2 and anaesthetic agents.




Air/oxygen and CO2 passes the active carbon out into the ventilator circuit and out through the ventilator exhaust. The anaesthetic agent is adsorbed to the active carbon.




During inspiration the anaesthetic agent is desorbed and transported with the air/oxygen to the patient, together with agent evaporated from the evaporator.


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