About AnaConDa (How does AnaConDa work?)

How does AnaConDa work?

Typical Set Up

The AnaConDa System is used in combination with a ventilator, a gas analyser and a syringe pump.

The specially designed AnaConDa syringe (unique connector) is placed in a standard syringe pump. The AnaConDa is placed in the breathing circuit between the Y-piece and the ET-tube.

Liquid anaesthetic is delivered from the syringe through the anaesthetic agent line into the AnaConDa where it is vaporised within the device. The evaporated gas is transported with the inspiration flow from the ventilator and delivered to the patient.

The gas analyser samples the gas from the AnaConDa port and displays the exhaled anaesthetic concentration in Fet% or MAC values (which indicates the concentration of the drug).

Due to AnaConDa’s unique design, most of the exhaled anaesthetic agent is adsorbed and reflected to the patient upon inspiration. The residual anaesthetic agent passes through the ventilator and exits through the exhaust where it is captured in the FlurAbsorb filter or active gas scavenging system.

Start of Expiration

At the start of expiration the airway
contains anaesthetic agent and CO2.

End of Expiration

During expiration the majority of anaesthetic agent is
adsorbed by the reflector while CO2 passes through it.

Start of Inspiration

At the start of Inspiration air is transported
from the ventilator and passes the AnaConDa.

End of Inspiration

During inspiration anaesthetic agent retained in the reflector
is released and transported to the patient along with newly
vaporised anaesthetic agent.