Studies and Publications (Scientific Presentations and Discussions)

Scientific Presentations
and Discussions

Physicians from around the world discuss AnaConDa
and Volatile Anaesthetics at international scientific congresses.

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A scientific view of
AnaConDa in use

We have found interesting presentations from Physicians all over the world.
See how daily users view AnaConDa and Volatile Anaesthetics from a scientific perspective.

ISICEM Brussels 2018 (English)

RuhrCongress Bochum 2018 (German)

Intensivmed Bremen 2018 (German, Presentations Dr. U. Günther
and Dr. med. K.D. Röhm with English subtitles)

ESICM Vienna 2017 (English)

SFAR Paris 2017 (French)

Intensivmed Bremen 2017 (German, Presentation Dr. U. Günther with English subtitles)

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